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Feb 27th 2012

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Ryedale Linux User Group Previous Meetings

Well, changing the meeting day from Monday to Tuesday didn't bring the hoards to Will's Bar we might have hoped for, but we did have a return visit from Neil B, very nice to see you again Neil!

Paul T and Neil were already there when I (Al G) arrived and talk centred around the use of VPNs to improve security by concealing your presence on the net.  With companies like Google routinely scanning e-mail to tailor advertising and the new Buzz social networking site where users address books are possibly used by Google it seems security needs racking up a little again.  GnuPG is an obvious choice for us to either assure recipients they are not receiving spoof mail and if needs be fully encrypting your mail ensuring confidentiality.

The Open Street Map was discussed too.  Neil is a keen mapper and is now looking at mapping hedges etc in his local area as he's completed everything else.  The Ryedale area still has sections of 'ere be dragons' and it might be good for the LUG as well as the OSM to have a few mapping sessions to bring Helmsley and Kirby up to date a bit.

An idea I've been considering for a while now is having a LUG picnic in the summer, possibly at Orchard fields or similar location.  This met with general approval, but needs further discussion via the list.

Will's Bar seems to be working out as a good place to meet though surviving the leather sofas involves a fair amount of fidgeting!  Clearly, most of us drive so quaffing ale isn't the first thing people think of, but it is nice to have a bottle of Wold Top Ale before moving on to soft drinks, with tea and coffee available too. Don't forget there's free Wifi available, so bring those laptops etc next month.

So, two months, two meets. Good stuff! Hope to see you all in March.