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Feb 27th 2012

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Ryedale Linux User Group Previous Meetings

A better start for 2010, we met at Will's Bar again for what was our fourth birthday.  No real celebration, but a welcome to a new member, Paul Elliott.  Along with Paul - Martin, Paul Teasdale and I (Al G) made up the total for the evening.  After the initial introductions a brief twenty questions to discover Paul's computing history made me realise rather quickly that he is extremely knowledgeable.  He was soon in deep discussion with Martin and Paul T about Solaris, Puppet, Git and the likes.

All in all, another pleasant evening.  We decided that we should try a Tuesday evening for the next meet to see if that might suit a few more people.  We're a group covering a fairly large area and I've never expected huge numbers at the meetings, but a different night might get some others along for a change.