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Feb 27th 2012

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RyeLUG is six years old and doing well!


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Ryedale Linux User Group Mailing List

As with any LUG, having a mailing list is central to the way it communicates. We are no different and you can join simply by filling in the following form.  Or send an e-mail to with 'subscribe' in the subject line.

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A password is required for this, it provides only mild security, but should prevent others from messing with your subscription. Do not use a valuable password as it will be emailed back to you in cleartext once a month as a reminder.  Although you can turn this option off.

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The mailing list is used for general discussion as well as problem solving and arranging meetings and events. The mailing list is not for slagging off other OS's or causing religous type arguments about "my xxx is better than your xxx", we wish to create a place where everyone can learn and prosper not bicker and form cliques.

Please follow the fairly standard guidlines regarding posting. We're a pretty easy going bunch, but using html, top posting and failing to trim messages you are replying to can be really irritating as well as making a mess of the archives. Anyone is free to see what has been posted to the mailing list by viewing the archive. So bear in mind when you've composed that witheringly cutting reposte, if you send it and then regret it, your masterpeice is preserved for all time to haunt you!

When you have successfully subscribed you will be sent an e-mail giving various details of what you can do with your subscription via the mailman server either by the web interface or by e-mail. I suspect most people bin these e-mails, but they contain info that is quite useful. You will also be sent a reminder at the beginning of each month to tell you your password.

Help with your subscription is available via e-mail by sending a message to with 'help' as the subject line. Or for more detailed help use 'set help' to the same address.

A certain amount of information is hidden in the headers of every e-mail. Including the addresses I've given here about getting help, also, heaven forbid, but should anyone lose their minds sufficiently to wish to unsubscribe they can find details of how this can be done within each e-mail. However, it should be noted, you will need to know the address that you subscribed with. I hope this gives sufficient info to prevent those 'please unsubscribe me' messages, guaranteed to make you look foolish!

Finally, a large number of people within the Linux community use GnuPG to digitally sign e-mail.  On the whole this shouldn't be a problem for anyone who doesn't use this.  However, those who use Microsoft Outlook Express will find that such e-mails arrive in their inboxes apparently looking blank with an attachment, which automatically opens in Notepad when clicked, containing the text of the message.  I'm telling you this because there's a good chance that anyone new here will use this e-mail client and then wonder why the users of this list write such bizzarely constructed e-mail.  I hope this clears things up a little.

Above all - please enjoy your use of the list and we hope you find it useful!