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Feb 27th 2012

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Ryedale Linux User Group Previous Meetings

To start, it was good to have five of us meet at Will's Bar.  Paul T, Paul E, Fintan, Martin and myself gathering to shoot the breeze, set the world to rights and consume too many soft drinks!

A couple of things from Fintan.  He showed us a desktop he's been using for an elderly customer of his.  This is suitably called Eldy, for more, look at: looked very nice and simple.  He also mentioned a possible new venue for us in Pickering.  A conference room in some offices with an Internet connection.  He's promised to twist his mates arm to find out more for us.

I broached the subject of a Facebook page, but neither for or against was the result.  A picnic in summer met with a more positive response, so I'll look into this further as the weather becomes more suitable.  Paul E. confessed that he'll be giving a talk at YLUG soon, something which I think we can forgive him for, easier than his admission to being an Emacs user.  :p He thought that it might be worth suggesting another joint GPG keysigning party with YLUG, which I'd like to look into further.

Many other things were discussed too, but sadly my dodgy memory has failed miserably.  I hope I'll remember more after April's meet.